Author Feature; Lindsay Klug 

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Please welcome Silver Publishing author, Lindsay Klug and her characters from The Life And Times Of Delila! Lindsay interviews her characters, Delila and Micah:

Lindsay (L): Hello, everybody, and welcome to my mind! Today, I have two very special guests, the vampires Delila and Micah!

Delila (D): [waving] Hi, there!

Micah (M): [bows theatrically] Greetings, lovely people.

L: Well, Micah, I see you haven’t lost any of your flair.

M: [winks, smiling mischievously] Of course not. I’m well versed in working crowds.

D: [snorts] Yes, Micah, we’ve all seen that many times.

L: So, you two have known each other for quite some time?

M: Yes, Delila and I are quite familiar.

D: We’re more than familiar, Micah. Don’t you remember?

L: Intriguing. Do I see a story?

D: Yes, you do. [thoroughly ignores a seething stare from Micah] About 400 years ago, our society had three Elders, or leaders I should say. Well, leader is such a relative term, isn’t it? Anyhoo, the three were called Otto, Sunno, and Clodius. We followed their lead, did what they told us to. They were vicious, those three.

L: How so?

M: [leaning forward] They ruled with an iron fist, golubushka –

L: I’m sorry. Golubushka?

M: [chuckling] I’m versed in Russian. It means darling in my native tongue. May I move on now?

L: [nodding with wide eyes]

M: The castle of the original Elders was situated high on a mountain side above an Italian village long forgotten between shifts of power across Italy. Each evening, the three Elders would release their newborns on the village.

L: What does that mean for the villagers, exactly?

M: Newborns are not as well…controlled as Delila and I are. They will gladly rip the throat off any moving thing, and the Elders let them.

L: [swallows] I see. Please go on.

D: Their castle was elaborately decorated, with solid gold lining the molding and pearl doorknobs. They lived in gluttony, and it was only a matter of time before their downfall. Micah, you were much closer to Otto than I. [waving a hand, leaning back in her chair]

M: [clears throat] Yes, I worked for Otto directly for a time. In those days, America was a fledgling country, largely untouched. A forest Nymph by the name of Hasilda oversaw the Natives of the land, protecting them from…well, from us. She knew of our sordid lives in Europe. Otto collaborated with Clodius, Sunno, and a vampire named Eliakim to overthrow Hasilda and take the lands for our kind.

D: [interrupting] But Hasilda would have none of that. She easily defeated Eliakim, so Otto sent Finn to negotiate with her. When he failed, Otto devised a plan to defeat Hasilda. She anticipated their move and went to Italy, disguised as a Native girl offered as a peace prize to Otto.

M: [wistful] She certainly made a beautiful Native.

D: [chuckling] Hasilda makes a beautiful anything. Anyway, she lured Otto into complacency and killed him with poison in her blood. When the fat and engorged vampire lay dead at her feet, she ripped his head off and threw it into the grand room where Sunno and Clodius were engaging in less than moral activities with some local beauties.

M: Shortly thereafter, the other two Elders were killed and our world was thrown into disarray. With no leadership, the vampires went mad and our elections, such as they were called, were vile and disgusting things. To make a long story short, Delila was a front runner but she didn’t want the responsibility. So she manipulated the hordes and landed me in the top spot, with a reformed Eliakim and Jude as my assistants.

L: That’s quite an amazing history you have. Do you consider yourselves family?

D: [giggling] Just because I helped him into the position of Elder doesn’t mean I like him.

M: [smiles] Indeed. I’d rip her heart out right here if not for the fear of getting my white shirt bloodied.

L: [smiling nervously] That won’t be necessary. Listen, thanks for dropping by!

D: [curtsies graciously] Thank you for having us! I do hope everyone enjoys the story.

M: [grabs camera, stares deep into lens] Love me. You will for sure. Until next time! [backs out of room in a deep bow]

L: [sighs] What am I unleashing on the world? Make sure and check out Delila’s story on March 19th from Silver Publishing!

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