Author Interview with Chris Burton

Dear Readers,

Please welcome Science Fiction author, Chris Burton!
SBR: What inspired your decision to write?

CB: This story and many others have been with me since I was a child. Putting pen to paper was just a question of when; but it was always something which I aspired to do, rather than it being next on my list. The trigger point for me was a change of employ, which allowed me to reflect on what I had achieved and where I wanted to go overall

SBR:  Do you research your books? What kind of research do you do?

CB: Research was mostly web based, reaffirming my knowledge of the cosmos; but also some research on climate change and in particular what impact it may have on our planet 200 years from now.

SBR: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

CB: I can only speak from my personal perspective in writing Science Fiction.

Be creative, but believable… if not then write fantasy. Science Fiction suggests at least the possibility that we will achieve certain things in the years to come. As long as the world that you create is credible, it is the story itself that will make your book what it is.

SBR: Do you write a series? If so, how hard do you find it to keep all the details straight?

CB: I have now written my second book and to be honest, I struggled for consistency whilst writing the first hundred or so pages. I then went back to the first book and analyzed each character, location, etc on a spreadsheet, which I then used to cross reference with the second book. This makes it much easier! 

SBR: When you sit down to start writing a book, what do you? 

CB: The intent, once I start is to write every day until the book is finished. I am a night owl and this is when I do most of my writing; after midnight. Sounds bizarre but the quiet of the house and the soft glow of dimmed lighting are for me, conducive to writing; but it is not unusual for me to jump into writing mode at any time during the day, if an event inspires or circumstances prevail. In any event I do try to write at least two pages every night.

SBR: Do you plot out your story before writing, or just go page to page, never knowing what will happen next?

CB: I establish an outline plan of the book at the outset. As I am writing a series, it is easy to see where you have come from, a little harder to know where you want to be, but hardest of all to fill in the gaps. For me the outline plan is critical.

SBR: Do you have any new releases? Tell us about them.

CB: My second book is finished and I am just finishing off the second edit; before I showcase for a month or to and then release for publication. I anticipate a release date in October or November of this year (2011).

SBR: Do you want to share a blurb of your latest release? 

CB: Jake is a trainee Jump Pilot and war is rife in the galaxy...
The Sentinels are very sensitive about a region of space, light years from their territorial boundaries. They are guided by the Betanica Sect, who seek to protect the galaxy and in particular the Tri Star Region from invasion by the Kryl. The Kryl are the devil incarnate…
Jake is a final year Alpha Academy student and he has chosen Jump Ship Command to launch his career. He and Steve are two of the brightest academy pilots. They are also vying for the affection of the same girl. Carla is looking for her sister, who left home 6 years before to join the Collective, led by the sinister and mysterious Professor Winterburn. Winterburn casts a spell over everyone he meets.
 The Sentinels and the Betanica Sect lock horns with Alpha in a battle to assume control of the Tri Star System. Alpha's aim is to open the Blue Worm hole; a gateway to another galaxy. The gathering masses are joined by Winterburn and his flock and by Jake and Steve whose sole intention is to rescue Carla Stevenson from Winterburn’s clutches.

SBR: Do you have another job, besides being a writer?

CB: I write Part-Time. I am a Business Financial Consultant by day and I work for myself which has both its advantages and disadvantages. My writing relaxes me and like many writers, I seek to become a full time writer... My books need to sell well first though!

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