Author Interview with DC Juris 


Dear Readers,

Please welcome DC Juris. He is sharing tidbits on his newest creation, On Solid Ground, and tells us more about himself. 

SBR: What is your favorite book(s), and why?

DJ: I won't pick out any m/m titles for this question, because that's impossible! *grin.* Otherwise, I have random favorites among mainstream literature. I love "The Lord of the Flies" because it's such a fascinating look at human nature. "The Island of Doctor Moreau" I've read about 200 times (not even kidding). Again, fascinating subject matter. "Flowers for Algernon" was just moving and so very heartbreaking. And "The Bumblebee Flies Anyway." Wow. Just…wow.

SBR: Do you write a series? If so, how hard do you find it to keep all the details straight?

DJ: I do! I have a series called The Sky People trilogy out with Breathless Press. I had no intention of doing more than one story, originally, but my editor suggested I do so, and I ran with it. It's really not hard to keep the details straight -- I'm rather obsessive compulsive about that sort of thing.

SBR: What kind of notes do you keep while you’re writing?

DJ: Every pairing has their own hanging file in my filing cabinet. Inside that file is a notebook filled with notes on the characters. What they look like, where they work, their pasts, etc. There's also research that I've done, say, if one of them has a particular job or hobby I'm not all that familiar with, I'll research it and write down notes. Also in the folder is an individual folder for every story, and a pouch-type folder so that if I'm working on a story, I can keep the folder/notebook together easily. (Told ya I was obsessive compulsive.)

SBR: How do you come up with and develop your characters?

DJ: My characters come to me pretty much already developed. The reader may only know what's in the story, but when a character taps on my shoulder, I find out everything I can and write it all down.

SBR: When you sit down to start writing a book, what do you?

DJ: I write in scenes and snips. Whatever comes into my head, I write it down, and then I'll piece it all together later.

SBR: Do you plot out your story before writing, or just go page to page, never knowing what will happen next?

DJ: Both, I guess. I always know where a story is going. Some of the details are hazy, but I always have the general plot. I don't write it all down in any sort of organized fashion, though. LOL

SBR: Do you have any new releases? Tell us about them.

DJ: I do! I've just had a new m/m romance release with Torquere Press, called "On Solid Ground."

SBR: Do you want to share a blurb of your latest release, “On Solid Ground?”

DJ: Jack and Alan are back! The couple's world is turned upside down by a break-in, and while Alan takes it all in stride, Jack finds himself faced with something he's never dealt with before: fear. When panic attacks start to take hold, Jack decides Alan would be better off with someone "normal" and runs away to his parents' cabin in the woods. With the help of Solid Ground Security Systems, Alan just might convince Jack there's nothing they can't overcome together. 

SBR: What do you have in store for your readers?

DJ: I've got several WIPs going on. As far as releases, there will be more Calliph and Mateo (my shifter pair), a 7-story anthology coming soon, and several other new pairings!

SBR: What are your hobbies?

DJ: Photography is my second passion. Otherwise, I enjoy gardening, long drives, and nature walks.

SBR: If you were handed a million dollars right now, guilt-free, what would you do with it?

DJ: First things first, I'd buy our house. Then I'd pay off all the bills. I'd buy my husband a hot tub (he has extreme pain from back issues, so he could really use one!). I'd buy him a Jeep for the summer drives, and then I'd just put the rest in the bank.

SBR: What is your number one goal in life?

DJ: To be happy. Really, that's all I want, in whatever form that takes.

SBR: Dog or cat person?

DJ: You know, I used to be a cat person until I started working for a veterinarian. Dogs rule!

SBR: If you could describe your life in a few sentences, what would it be?

DJ: I don't even need a few sentences, just a few words: calm, relaxed, mostly stress-free, open, honest, and encouraging. And happy. J

SBR: What is your ideal woman?

DJ: How much time do you have? LOL My ideal woman would be another writer - only because she'd be able to truly understand the passion I have. Otherwise, someone who is comfortable in her skin, who can laugh at herself but doesn't enjoy laughing at others. Someone who can dress up but can also get dirty. A happy, open minded person who understands who she is and doesn't let her faults define her.

SBR: Do you have another job, besides being a writer?

DJ: I do - I'm the office manager at a small animal veterinary clinic.

SBR: Tell us the first five random things about you that come to mind.


1. I don't like to go barefoot anywhere.

2. I chew my drink straws when I'm finished with my drink.

3. I'm far harder on myself than anyone else can be.

4. People who don't take responsibility for themselves anger me.

5. I'm lactose intolerant.

SBR: What CD is in your stereo/track on your MP3 player right now?

DJ: I keep my iTunes set to a specific playlist for when I'm writing. It consists of songs like "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy, "Better Days" by Citizen King, "Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way" by Waylong Jennings and a bunch of others from artists like Will Smith, Counting Crows, Robbie Williams, BNL, Creed, The Crystal Method, PM Dawn. Basically if it has a beat, I like it.

SBR: What kind of television shows do you watch?

DJ: Hoarders, Family Guy, Deadliest Catch, WWE, NFL, Sons of Anarchy, Top Chef, Cupcake Wars, Chopped, Food Network Challenge, Survivor, Destination Truth, Dexter, Californication, Supernatural, South Park, The Walking Dead, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Basically anything gross, weird, or funny. LOL And there's a couple British comedies I love, but don't watch anymore because Hubby isn't fond of them: Keeping Up Appearances, Are you Being Served? and Allo 'Allo.

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