Interview With Edward Kendrick 


Dear Readers,

Please welcome Silver Publishing author, Edward Kendrick! He is here today to tell us a bit more about him, and his new book, Everyone's Man.

SBR: What inspired your decision to write?

EK: Joining a fanfic site and deciding to try my hand at it.

SBR: Do you research your books? What kind of research do you do?

EK: I do research for some of my stories, depending on the subject. Anything that involves the police or forensics requires it. I look online and I have a fairly decent selection of book on forensics in my personal library.

SBR: What kind of notes do you keep while you’re writing?

EK: I’ll track time frames and character names, ages, appearances and such. As I’m definitely an off the top of my head writer, not a plotter, that’s really about it.

SBR: What was it like to sign your first publishing contract?

EK: Amazing and unbelievable. It only happened a few months ago and honestly, until I see my book up I still won’t quite believe it.

SBR: What do you do when you have writer’s block?

EK: Writer’s block? What’s that? And having said that it’ll probably hit me big time now. LOL.

SBR: How do you come up with and develop your characters?

EK: Most of them come from some basic ‘what if’ thought. From there they just sort of grow as my mind takes me from the start on through to when I feel it’s time to end.

SBR: Do you have any new releases? Tell us about them.

EK: My first book, ‘Everyone’s Man’, is due to be released on Feb. 19ththrough Silver Publishing.

SBR: Do you want to share a blurb of your latest release?

EK: Colin Wilcox, a male whore who only handles clients of the same sex, is gang-raped while on the job. Needing medical attention, he's taken to the local ER and is befriended by one of the doctors. While he's recovering physically, reoccurring flashbacks of the attack provide small images of his brutal rape and he’s forced by Detective Keyes to handle the emotional fallout of being victimized. 

Detective Keyes, a rape victim himself, is assigned to solve the crime. When a second boy is gang-raped under what appears to be similar circumstances, he needs Colin‘s help to catch the perpetrators. In the process, he tries to use his own personal experience to help Colin understand he’s not to blame for what happened.  

A slow, but sure, friendship unfolds between the two men that blossoms into love, stunted by the traumatic event.  When the perpetrators are finally in custody,  Colin has to move forward, and the next battle is underway. He must learn to lower the barriers that will allow him to let Detective Keyes into his life for both mental and physical support. Only then will the two men be able to consummate their tender passion.

SBR: What is your favorite movie?

EK: Blade Runner

SBR: If you could go on vacation and money wasn’t a concern, where would you travel to? What would you do?

EK: I’d go to Great Britain, hire a canal boat, and travel the country that way.

SBR: If you were handed a million dollars right now, guilt-free, what would you do with it?

EK: Donate at least half of it to shelters for the homeless and street kids.

SBR: Dog or cat person?

EK:Definitely a cat person, although sometimes I think my cat has reservations about that when I won’t let her in my lap while I’m on the computer.

SBR: What CD is in your stereo/track on your MP3 player right now?

EK: MP3 player? –laughing- Jazz radio all the way. 

SBR: What kind of television shows do you watch?

EK:I don’t own a television. Okay everyone, pick your jaws up off the floor.

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